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Amanda Eaton

High school Art Teacher by day and artist by night. I consider myself a life long learner. Abstract art allows me to learn and explore every time I mark make. I believe there is no mastering abstract painting such as painting realism, which is a good thing. I like the challenge. My medium of choice is, but not limited to, mixed media with acrylic and watercolours. I also enjoy ceramics, pen and ink, graphite pencil and coloured pencil.

About Me

Often people's first inkling is to analyze my work. They try to figure out what it is about, or point out what they think they see, but simply the majority of my art is solely based on intuition. I believe in following my gut.  I am greatly influenced by other artists works and styles. I am very intrigued by the exploration of using different techniques and mediums to create the right composition with a variety of colours, lines and shapes. I work best when I am in a good mood. 

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santini gallery

Presently, I have six (6) works of art at Santini Art Gallery, Preston St, Ottawa Ontario. 

*See images  of specific works in my shop. 

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